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28.3.2016 Napos Zendülés compete in Lieto agility competition and got agility certificate!! She is now in class 2.


27.3.2016 in Imatra int. show. BOB  Napos Zsivány, 18 pumis entered, Tino Pehar judging.Max is only 12 months old!  


New Champion! 19.3.2016 in Seinäjoki. Napos Zendülés got cac and was BOB and her brother Napos Zálog was BOS with cac. Zendülés is now Finnish Champion! At the same day Napos Zajos was in Malmö the 4th best male. 


Fiona´s and Glenn´s puppies ! 5 bitches and 3 males, born 18.3.


8 weeks ago our Fiona visited Lovasbarat Glenn in Belgium. Puppies will born week 12.


Our puppies are now 4 weeks old!  CIB Camms Censation & CIB Cuidado Sexy Sziren.


Kajaani int show 10.1.2016. Bob our young bitch Mariell de Marque Lothus av Fylgia, Lila. She got cacib and cac. Bos was also our male Camms Censation, second best male Napos Osszian. In the group, Lila was 4th! Well done for 16 months old bitch.

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We have puppies! Our beautiful Fiona ( C.I.B. FI & NO & EE & SE & DK & LV & LT, NORD & BALT CH, HeW-12 V-12 EEV-11 EEJV-11 PMV-11 EEV-12 KBHV-12 BALTV-12 PMV-12 DKV-12 LTV-13 Felallo Fulu Fiona ) and handsome Jojo ( NO CH, NW-12 Bissibingens Earl Grey CsDe) got 7 puppies ( 4 males, 3 bitches).




We have puppies! Akinnaz Quick Step & Napos Ocskas got 5 puppies, 4 males and 1 female!


1.7.2012 Kuopio Agirotu! Napos agility team got the third place in the team competition!

From left : Jaska & Niina, Senni & Paula, Fiona & Eila and Lenni & Martin


1.5.2012 Napos Jozefina became finnish agility champion!!

Gongratulations Eltsu, Kerttu and Sefi! We are so proud of you !


Lahti int 28.4. 2012, judge Anita Al-Bachy

10 pumis ,   Napos Pasztor BOB with cacib, Napos Levente  2nd best male with res.cacib.  Felallo Fulu Fiona best of opposite sex and she got cac, cacib  and became FI & SE & NO Champion! Napos Liliom was the second best  bitch with res.cac and res.cacib. Not a bad day for us at all!

Vaasa int 14.4. 2012, judge Zolt Lokodi

13 pumis ,  Napos Sugar BOB puppy, Napos Pasztor 2nd best male with cac and res.cacib ( will turn to cacib)and he became finnish champion!! Napos Nikolasz 3rd best male and  Napos Levente was 3rd in champion class with excellent. Napos Liliom best bitch with cac and cacib, Napos Zöldike 2nd best bitch and best of breed veteran. Felallo Fulu Fiona 3rd best bitch with res.cac and res.cacib. Napos best of breed breeder class.



Wellcome to our team Camms Censation " Veijo"!



Harstad Norway 17.3.2012, judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari.

Napos Levente BoB with cacib and cac, Napos Pasztor res cacib and  Fiona BoS with cacib and cac.



Tallinn int. 11.2.2012, judge Elina Tan-Hietalahti.

Napos Zöldike BOB, BIS veteran and BoG 2!!

Napos Ocskas BOS with cac and cacib, Felallo Fulu Fiona te second best bitch with cac and cacib! 



Wellcome to Finland our new pumibitch, Ellen!


Napos Sugar, 5 months!



Turku int. dog show 21.1.2012. 26 pumis, judge Istvan Csik. Napos Liliom best of opposite sex with cac and cacib! Napos Zöldike second best bitch and our Fiona 4th best bitch! Napos Olivia wan champion class and Napos Pasztor was 3rd best male with cac.


Napos Kennel is situated in the northern part of Finland in a little village called Maula. We live near Kemiriver, so that in summertime our dogs can go and swim when ever they want to.





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