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Napos Kennel is situated in the northern part of Finland in a little village called Maula. We live near Kemiriver, so that in summertime our dogs can go and swim when ever they want to.

Nowadays my main hobby with dogs are dog shows , but we are doing some agility and herding too. I like to show my dogs and also I like to look what kind of pumis those other breeders have. It is always so interesting to meet new dogs and new pumi people. So even I live here in Lapland, far away from "everything" I often drive to dog shows in Scandinavia and north Europe.

I have always had dogs in my life. After my studies I begun an active doglife and first I had a German Shepherd and then I bought a bloodhound. After that I found my own breed, pumi! Hungarian sheepdog , that is not very big in size but very clever. I have been very pleased with pumis, pumi is the breed I want to be involved!

My first pumilitter was born 1988, after that I have bred 45 pumilitters, one or two every year. I choose Napos kennelname , it is hungarian and means sunny, because when you look at pumi, they seems always to be cheerful and happy. There is sunshine in their eyes! You can not be unhappy, when you look your pumi! Our pumipuppies grow up in our house, so they are used to normal family life, they are part of our everyday life. Now we have in our home 8 pumis, 2 dogs and 6 bitches. I am also very grateful to my friends, who have taken part to my pumibreeding by taking good care of some pumis, that I have been able to use in breeding. I have bred many World Winners and international champions, and also some agility champions, obedience champions and quite many have passed herding instinct test. But the most important thing is , that the owners love their pumis!

My aim is to breed healthy pumis, pumis that are looking like the breed standard demands and also that have the real pumitemperament




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